Black boys are suspended and expelled from school more often than any other children. As the data we lay out in "Promises Kept: Raising Black Boys to Succeed in School and in Life" clearly describe, they are punished both more often and more harshly than White males engaging in the exact same behavior, even when the data are adjusted to reflect poverty status. 

Black girls are kicked out of school more often than any other girls. What's more, the rate at which Black girls are being suspended/expelled is rising more quickly than it is for any other children. 

What are they getting kicked out of school for? Disproportionately, being "loud" and "unladylike". The school-to-prison pipeline for Black girls involves a lack of understanding of their socialization - which differs from the traditional expression of femininity -- and culture, which values women who speak up. Adults also are uninformed about the trauma responses that Black girls display, which they often mistake as threatening and/or violent when they are merely cries for help.