Why Do People Stereotype Black Men?

Nobody wants to be biased against anyone. But a 2012 study by the Associated Press found that more than ½ of Americans demonstrate implicit, or unconscious, bias against Black people -- an increase since President Obama was elected. Anti-Latino bias is up as well. 

Unconscious bias is complex and nuanced. Anyone can be biased against anyone, for instance. Yes, that is to say that a Black person can be biased against another Black person, just as a woman can be biased against women. And remember, it's unconscious -- people don't know. So being biased doesn't mean that you're a bad person or racist or sexist. It does, however, mean that the idea of this as a "post-racial" era is largely wishful thinking. 

The good thing about unconscious bias is that becoming aware of it helps to change it. How? You can start by taking the Implicit Association Test (IAT) at Implicit.Harvard.edu, where you will find IATs for several dimensions of difference -- from race, to gender, to age, for instance. Take the test and see how you score. For most of us just discovering that we're biased is enough for our conscious awareness to kick in to help us adjust and become more fair. 

This short video describes implicit bias as it relates to Black males. 

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