Do you find yourself feeling a little bit blue when Sunday evening rolls around? Do you repeatedly hit snooze or drag yourself to the kitchen to get your first cup of coffee every morning? While sitting in front of your computer at the J.O.B., do you find yourself fantasizing about taking a mental-health day, having time to work on a dream project, or using unspent vacation days to do, well, anything but work—that’s how unfulfilled and uninspired your job leaves you

If so, you’re not alone.  

According to Gallup’s “State of the American Workforce” report, approximately 70 percent of American workers feel disengaged at work. Many haven’t felt connected to their job in a very long time. 

People’s reasons vary. 

Maybe a boss or a coworker with poor people skills sucks the energy out of you each time they come around. You know — the one whose emotional intelligence is so low that no one understands why they got promoted. 

Perhaps your once-enjoyable career or workplace transformed as technology, downsizing, the Recession (or all of the above) made a place you once appreciated now set your nerves on edge even after you go home — and these days who’s ever really off? 

Then again, honestly, maybe it’s you who’s changed. Could be the clock’s winding down because that season in your life is about over. You discovered different interests; your children are more independent; those obligations have been met; life has transformed you into a totally different person. It’s you who’ve outgrown that phase of your life. 

No matter the reason, you deserve—and can have—better.    

But the change process can be fraught with uncertainty. After muddling through for so many years, you may wonder if any work will ever set your heart aflutter again? Or, you may know exactly what dream you want to follow but feel afraid to let go of a sure paycheck. (Well, it’s not completely certain, but it’s secure enough—at least for now.) You can’t just get up and quit; you have responsibilities. Even the thought of leaving makes your knees start knocking. But the thought of staying and doing nothing is worse.

There’s no way in the world you’d give up on yourself.

But how do you get there from here?  

Great question!

The good news is, you don’t need to consider it alone. 

As a result of working with me, people who are outgrowing their job or career, push past fear, uncover their current passion, and develop strategies to step into their new season professionally. I support people ready to end the uncertainty, gain greater clarity, and break free from outdated parts of themselves so they can experience the joy, sense of fulfillment and impact on the world they deserve.

I offer individual coaching to a select handful of highly motivated people who are ready to invest in their personal development, including the following:  

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