How to Uncover Your Purpose, Part 3

You lose track of time. The days of counting the minutes until quitting-time will draw to a close; instead, you’ll find that there just aren't enough hours in the day -- but in a good way. Though you may be tired (and I sometimes am), you also feel excited, which invigorates you. Feeling tired but inspired is very different from feeling fatigued because the life is being sucked out of you.

You don’t need to check any aspect of yourself at the door. There’s no need to fake it, go along to get along or feel small. You begin to realize that everything about you is purposeful, including all of the so-called “good” and “bad” experiences that have brought you to this point in your life. 

Your God-given gifts and talents are vital to what you’re doing. Many times we overlook our innate abilities because we’ve been socialized to believe that life is hard. However, by examining our interests, objects and activities we have a natural affinity for, undertakings that come easy to us, and things we take for granted about ourselves but which others notice about us, we can uncover clues to finding our freedom -- they’re all around us. In fact, the answer is you (I’ll write more on that later). 

You feel free. Free to be the large, expansive and authentic version of who you are. You no longer feel bound, limited or small by an aspect of yourself or your life. 

Yours in faith,