How to Uncover Your Purpose, Part 2

You will "run into" people who have similar interests. Folks who have answers to questions you’re asking. You’ll “stumble across” information you need. Learn that a resource that will support your project or dream is located nearby in your neighborhood or right around the corner from your job. You already own that a book that someone suggests you should read; it's sitting on your bookshelf.

Here’s an example:  This past Saturday, the final version of the first video I’d made disappeared from my computer after I’d uploaded it to the Internet. I hadn’t deleted it but I checked the trash anyhow. It wasn’t there. Nor was it on my hard drive. Fortunately I had copied it up to the Internet; though it was not in a version that I could still edit -- I’d wanted to make one small but important change. 

Baffled, I took my laptop to the Apple store, where I was greeted excitedly by a young sales associate I’ll call Andrea, who I’ve become friendly with but hadn’t seen for months.

“Oh, my God! I’ve been praying all day that you’d come into the store,” Andrea exclaimed.  

“Why? What’s happening?” I asked.

“My parents have been living over their heads and can’t afford to send me back to medical school,” she confided. “I’m lost, I have all these student loans and I don’t know what to do with my life. You told me once that you’d changed your career -- I know that you can help me.”

I felt compassion for Andrea. When I was a young woman, there had been plenty of jobs and financial aid. I could see how she’d feel hopeless. God had sent me to help her.

“So you’re the reason I can’t find my video?” I laughed, explaining that my movie had vanished.

“I didn’t mean it,” she laughed. “But I really needed to speak with you.” 

Now, here’s where things get interesting:  Previously, while I had been looking for the file, I’d had the fleeting thought that maybe I should work part-time at the Apple store for a while so I’d learn what to do when these kinds of things happen. In fact, I’d made a mental note that next time I saw Andrea, I’d ask her opinion of working there. 

Back to the present: Andrea thought that working at the Apple store was a great idea and offered to help me (who knows if I’ll really do it). She also showed me her blog, answering a blogging question she hadn’t even known I’d had. Then we exchanged contact information and agreed to talk soon. 

Now that I understood the real reason for my trip to the Apple store, I wasn’t surprised or upset when the “genius” in tech support couldn't find my movie. Or when I returned to the Apple store for my normally scheduled personal coaching appointment on the following Tuesday when my trainer couldn’t find it either. Instead, I had a sense of humor when I settled for downloading the Internet version and doing the considerable rework to whip it into shape.   

But I must admit that I was surprised when, three days later, the movie I’d been looking for popped up on my desktop out of nowhere. Wow!  

Was helping Andrea so important that God hid the file so I would come to the Apple store? Or perhaps I'm being arrogant -- maybe it was the other way around: that Andrea was actually helping me. I suspect it's both. 

If you’re already living in harmony with your Purpose, you know that such occurrences happen constantly. If not, it’s time to fasten your seatbelt -- your life is going to begin to take some awesome and amazing turns! 

But your life won't become more synchronous because God has changed. God is always the same. Your life will become more effortless because you’ve moved more closely into alignment with your Purpose -- with God.

What’s really changed is you!

Enjoy life.