Why dieting doesn't usually work

Food for thought: The speaker in this TED Talk on why dieting doesn't usually work shares some information I thought you might find meaningful: 

1) Girls who diet in their early teens are 3 times more likely to become overweight 5 years later, even if they start at a normal weight. 

2) Being teased about their weight by family members is a predictor of girls' becoming overweight. 

3) Developing just one (if you're overweight) or two (if you're obese) healthy habits reduces a person's risk of death so that their risk falls into the range of people with a "normal" weight. 

I also find it interesting that this neuroscientist, who knows that she didn't need a diet as a girl, just got off of a diet even though she appears to be a healthy weight. We don't know what health issues she has, but it does raise the issue of how powerful the media images are of a woman's ideal body type, even for middle-aged women.