49 Going on 50 Mentoring Tip #9: EMBRACE HARD THINGS

When I was younger, I avoided hard things. They were, well, hard and I didn’t always want to be bothered and sometimes even resented them. But at (almost) 50 I understand that hard things are the gateway to new  and better things. When you do hard things, you develop muscles that you didn’t have before. Muscles that make that hard thing easier and new experiences accessible to you. 

Somewhere in the bible (that I would look up if I weren’t on the train to New York right now with spotty Internet, but that one of you can fill in for me if you’re up to it) there is language about enlarging your territory. Doing hard things expands the amount of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional space you can occupy in the world. They give you a bigger and more satisfying life. Embrace them.