49 Going on 50 Mentoring Tip #3: GO ANYWAY

49-GOING-ON-50 MENTORING TIP #3: When a funky little voice in your head starts running down the reasons why you shouldn't go to worship service, yoga class, aerobics, spinning, the pool, ceramics class, your knitting circle or any other activity you use to center and/or take care of yourself, ignore it. And truly pay it no mind if it's telling you not to go to your church, temple, mosque, spiritual meeting, etc. The fact that your funky voice is so active is the exact sign that you need the very self-care activity that it wants you to reject. So attend anyway. 

The exception I make to this rule of thumb is when going to whatever it is has become just another busy activity and the better way of taking care of myself is by slowing down and resting or engaging in self-care at home. At this age I now know always to honor that.