49 Going on 50 Mentoring Tip #1: TAKE OFF THE 4" to 6" HEELS.

Yes, they are beautiful. Yes, they will make you taller and more powerful feeling. Yes, men will love how your legs look in them, and other women will envy you. 

But try them on for fun and then leave them in the store. 

I know Jimmy Choo is probably sending me death wishes -- Okay, Jimmy Choo has no idea who I am. But if he did he would be shooting me daggers. -- but being fashionable is not worth the foot problems that will likely result for today's women, many of whom are from wearing the highest heels that women have ever worn in the history of humankind. Just because a shoe is beautiful doesn't mean you have to squeeze your foot into it. Admire it; pin it on your Pinterest page; fantasize about it. Then leave it alone.

You really don't want to reach a point in your life where every single step you take is painful -- it would shut down your life. Nor do you want to have chronic back pain or knee replacement surgery. These are likely outcomes from wearing these types of shoes regularly, not to mention the fact that you can sprain (or break) your ankle -- or neck!  So leave the shoes in the store (and the money in your wallet). 

At what price beauty and fashion?

At what price beauty and fashion?