Help Yourself

Winter wonderland
Photo by Cocoabiscuit, courtesy of flickr
Today Philadelphia experienced its second-largest snowfall on record: 23 inches.

Last night, one of my little sisters begged me to come over. I wasn't really in the mood, with a blizzard coming and all. Not only was I not prepared to have her, I'd have to get up early and take her home before too much snow had fallen. But in the morning I learned that she didn't have any boots, so I decided to run her to Target to scoop some up. Then I noticed that she was wearing a t-shirt under her winter coat. She needed a fleece on top of it. But before we ran to Target, I called a friend to see if her daughter had any hand-me-downs. She did. I figured we'd stop there on the way back. 

But at Target I figured I should cover myself and buy food for my little friend in case the weather suddenly worsened. On the way home we stopped to pick up the used clothes and hung out with my friend and her daughter for a while. At that point I decided that my little friend should stay with me. 

In the morning I headed outside to shovel myself out. Eager to try out her new boots, she was right at my side. Over the next 3 hours, I encouraged her to go inside to warm up and rest. She'd rest for 30 seconds and continue digging. With her help I dug myself out in record time. 

The next morning, I realized that my back wasn't out -- the first time it hadn't gone out after a heavy snowfall in at least 5 years. Later I realized that it was because of my little friend.

Moral of the story: Sometimes when you think you're doing someone else a favor, they are actually doing a favor for you.

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