If God Sends You the Gig, Take It

God's handiwork
Photo courtesy of G a r r y on flickr.
Mistake! If freelancing has taught me one thing that I'm still struggling to get right, it's that when my energy -- as opposed to my effort (e.g., pitching stories or marketing myself) -- attracts an opportunity, I can always safely accept it, even when I don't know how the work will get done. In my experience God orders it and re-sequences it and shuffles things around to make room. I don't have to do a thing. Except ask for help and get out of the way.  

But silly, human me. I declined the project because I was slated to work with another client all day on the day in question. That client no-showed our meeting. By the time I realized that I wouldn't hear from her, my consulting client had found somebody else.

Moral of the story: When you ask God to send you work, say yes when it comes -- even if you don't know how you'll ever do it. 

Lesson learned. Again. Sigh...

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