Dare to Think Outside the Box

Chillin' in Cabarete.
Photo by Hilary Beard.
Back then, articles in business magazines described a future world in which people could work on their laptops from anyplace in the world. I vowed to be one of them, even though I had no idea how that would happen. Nevertheless, I immediately began jockeying for a laptop and pushing my bosses to allow me to work at home. Occasionally, they conceded, but mostly they probably wondered if I was secretly a rabble-rouser. 

But 15 years later, I was working for myself -- and not only from home; from the coffee shop, from a friend's garden, from Cabarete, Dominican Republic, the windsurfing capital of the world, from a great San Francisco apartment overlooking Fisherman's Wharf, from my Aunt Bonnie's kitchen as we filled in our family tree together. Not as exotic as Tim's life. But I'm not Tim, I'm me. I approach my life in my own way and so it reflects of my own values -- which is what Tim champions, although is much better at expressing it than I am.

Importantly, I think that Tim does a great job of getting people to think outside of the box about the way they've set up their lives and presents tools and alternatives to free them to live a balanced lifestyle that allows them to pursue their dreams and make the world a better place.  

Increasingly important to this process is the ability to create your own following. 

Here's his presentation titled "How to Build a Following and Global Phenomenon for Less than $10K." If you're the least bit interested in starting your own business and/or developing an independent source of income, suggest that you watch it. It's about 20 minutes long.