About this Blog

I introduce myself in this manner because it answers the questions that people most often ask when they find out what I do: Have you ever been published? Have you ever worked with anyone famous? Have you written anything I might know about? How did you become a writer? How did you summon the courage quit your job? But though the exotic or prestigious aspects of my background were certainly priceless, from another perspective such credentials don't matter much. They are less about me -- for example, they aren't reflections of how smart or skilled or nice I am -- than about God helping me fulfill my spiritual Purpose: helping people to become more empowered -- spiritually, mentally and physically.

So although I sometimes label myself a writer, author or editor because the terms are easy to explain, in reality I believe that career names, job titles and credentials are too small to describe a person's spiritual Purpose. In addition, there are many aspects of myself that I am still understanding and growing into.

Thus far in my life, I carry out and express my Purpose in different ways, including:

  • exploring for myself and then role modeling the process of living a balanced and healthy life -- spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Trust me, I’m far from perfect, but the longer I live, the better I become at it.
  • communicating information -- so far, this has included writing books and articles for magazines, websites and newspapers -- to teach people how to take better care of themselves;
  • documenting the experiences of highly accomplished people. I do this to help others figure out how to use their God-given gifts and talents to fulfill their potential;
  • teaching classes that inform and strengthen people;
  • having healthy relationships with diverse individuals;
  • volunteering and sharing my blessings;
  • taking big risks that prove God’s goodness to me so that I can speak about it with integrity to others.

On this blog/website, I share practical tools, techniques and resources that work and that a regular person can implement. They will help you:

  • thrive not just survive in this tumultuous global economy;
  • live a happier, healthier and lower-stress life;
  • understand how your gifts and talents can help free you from the so-called "laws" of the marketplace, workplace and economy;
  • do work that you love and that expresses who you are, while being fairly compensated for it;
  • explore and uncover your spiritual Purpose;
  • find your “lane” in life;
  • live more happily and prosperously.

What makes me so certain that these approaches work?

Because I have used them -- first to uncover my Purpose and then to leave desirable jobs at Fortune-50 companies to follow my very unlikely dream of becoming a successful writer. (Within a surprisingly short timeframe, I had achieved my goals and then some. Go here to learn more about my background and story.)

Today, these same methods help me thrive as a freelance writer during times when industries that have traditionally employed millions are downsizing and disappearing, and many people, including writers, are struggling to stay afloat.

One disclaimer: I am not a human-development expert; nor am I a medical professional. However, I have done extensive self education and personal introspection. I also learn a tremendous amount as a health writer, which involves interviewing health and wellness experts.

In this blog I draw from my experiences as one of God's magnificent creations, spiritual seeker, sister, friend, aunt, play aunt, writing professional, health advocate, conjurer, healer, genius and ignoramus.

I hope you stick around. I know that time is at a premium. Thank you for investing some of yours with me.