As a result of what I do, people who are outgrowing their job or career, push past fear, uncover their current passion, and develop strategies to step into their new season professionally. I work with people who are ready to end the uncertainty, gain greater clarity, and break free from outdated parts of themselves, so that they jump out of bed in the morning, experience great meaning and purpose, and have the joy they deserve at work.

I offer individual coaching to a select handful of highly motivated people who are ready to invest in their personal development, including the following: 

  • One-on-one Fearless & Free Monthly Retainer Package (minimum 3 months)
  • One-on-one Fearless & Free 6-Month Individual Coaching Package  
  • Fearless & Free VIP Day or VIP Weekend Package

Click here to request a free Fearless & Free Strategy Consultation, where you share your vision and we strategize about how to help you get there and decide whether any of these options are right for you.