My public speaking focuses on health and wellness and the educational achievement of children of color. I've spoken to the following audiences, among others:

 On  Good Day Philadelphia  to discuss Black women's health

On Good Day Philadelphia to discuss Black women's health

  • International AIDS Conference
  • Healthy Start Association of America national conference
  • Princeton University alumni
  • Coalition of 100 Black Women 
  • The Links 
  • National Association of Black Journalists
  • Friends Council on Education and Annual Friends Council Heads of School Meeting
  • Friends' Central School
  • The Baldwin School for Girls
  • Philadelphia public schools
  • Mastery Charter Schools


 An image of Black males that the media typically misses...

An image of Black males that the media typically misses...

Black Educational Achievement

To write Promises Kept: Raising Black Boys to Succeed in School and in Life I interviewed and immersed myself in research of more than 50 leading scholars in parenting, psychology, boys, Black families, achievement gaps, testing anxiety and other relevant topics. Promises Kept sets forth a cafeteria menu of research-based strategies in 10 areas to help Black children's parents and educators support them in fulling their potential and closing the educational opportunity gap. I've also written extensively about Black girls. I speak on these and other related topics:

  • racial/gender achievement gaps
  • academic and racial socialization strategies
  • school discipline and the classroom-to-prison pipeline
  • early literacy and numeracy
  • implicit (unconscious) racial and gender bias 
  • optimal (co)parenting styles for parents and educators
  • reducing stereotype threat test-taking anxiety
  • strategies to improve Black males' academic success
  • the Village's role in raising healthy and academically successful Black boys

After writing Promises Kept, I was invited by the Obama administration's White House Initiative on Educational Excellence and African Americans to research and write a report on African Americans and Education that identified the gold-standard data and research that results in high educational achievement among Black students. Completed in mid 2016, that report was to have been the transitional document to the incoming administration, intended to guide policymaking at the local, state and national levels. Thus far, under the Trump administration, the Department of Education has yet to publish it. 


Health and Wellness

Diet and Nutrition. Trying to take care of yourself? It's awfully difficult when our food system is set up to undermine our efforts. Fresh foods and whole foods that promote good health are expensive and hard to find, while processed, refined and "junk" foods are cheap and ubiquitous. Why is this true and what can we do about it? Click here to listen to a brief audio clip of me speaking about food on a health panel.    

Health and Wellness. I have been writing about health and wellness and editing health publications, including Real Health and the National Medical Association's Healthy Living magazine, since I first became a journalist in 1997. In 2012 I coauthored Health First!: The Black Woman's Wellness Guide for the Black Women's Health Imperative. Click here to hear me speaking about nutrition at Health First's opening book signing. On this panel at Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Library, I speak about mind/body/spirit (22:30 minute mark), food and nutrition (27:20), sexual health (35:00), financial health (45:00), lifestyle change (51.30), tips at the doctor's office (64:20), and self care (70:30).

 Reporting from the newsroom at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, in 2008. 

Reporting from the newsroom at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, in 2008. 

HIV/AIDS.  HIV/AIDS captured my attention in 1997 when I first became a journalist, and I've been writing about it ever since. As the author of Getting Real: Black Women Fight HIV/AIDS, the first and definitive report on Black women and HIV and as editor-in-chief of the weekly e-newsletter of the Black AIDS Institute, I have interviewed many top African-American experts on this disease. I have also led delegations of volunteer journalists to the world's largest health gathering, International AIDS Conference, as it travels the world -- from Mexico City, to Vienna, to Durban.