In a world filled with salacious stories and mindless entertainment, tales that enlighten people beg to be told. The intention behind my work is to help people live healthy and empowered lives. Typically this means that I write, coauthor and/or edit projects about health and wellness, healthy lifestyles, self-help, human development or craft transformational memoirs. I also speak pubicly and offer classes and workshops.  

I also create occasional blogs and video blogs. In them, I share what I am learning about living authentically and expressing what I believe to be my spiritual purpose. In 1997 I walked away from a fast-track corporate career that was financially secure but depleted my spirit and made me long for something more. Rather than taking the so-called "safe route," I took a deep breath, made a leap of faith and followed my natural gifts and talents into my dream of becoming a writer. As I navigated this transition, landed on my feet and created a new life that better reflected my hopes and values, I realized that, with a lot of effort, it was completely possible to do work that I loved and that felt purposeful and healthily and make a decent living -- even in a creative or otherwise unconventional field.

What's more, I've discovered that the more true to myself and my Purpose that I become, the less I look for work and the more work looks for me. During 10+ years of self employment, I have never marketed myself, job-hunted or "networked," yet I always seem to have amazing projects with wonderful clients. don't believe that this experience is unique to me. Nor do I believe that it exists because because I'm smarter or better than anyone else or possess some special secret that others cannot know. Rather, I have come to believe that anyone can find their unique lane through life, once they begin to pursue their spiritual calling instead of merely a career. In my blogs I download in bits and bites what I'm learning about this approach to living. 

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Photo credit: Conrad Louis-Charles;www.conradlouischarles.com